Solution Overview

Sage X3 / Enterprise Management Construction runs every aspect of your construction project from inception to completion. Leveraging a history of over 30 years in the construction space, this new industry solution built on the Sage X3 / Enterprise Management global platform offers a completely modern, mobile, and fully integrated capital project management solution 100% built to address the complexity and risks faced by today’s mid-tier to larger construction firms.

Key Features

  • ·Integration with estimating and bid management
  • ·Construction project management
  • ·Project WBS visualization with drill down
  • ·Project costing and financial management
  • ·Stock and purchasing management
  • ·Contract and sub-contract management
  • ·Document management
  • ·Change control management
  • ·Time on Task tracking
  • ·Treasury and cash flow management
  • ·Integrated HR & payroll
  • ·Project analytics & industry KPIs
Solution overview

Sales Management

Integration with estimating and CRM capabilities allow you to streamline the sales process and win more bids with the confidence that they are accurate and profitable.

And once awarded the contract, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of errors by having all your bid data automatically imported directly into the Sage X3 / Enterprise Management Construction project and financial management solution.

Key Features

  • ·Integration with estimating & bid management
  • ·Direct estimate-to-job costing import
  • ·Historical pricing and built-in industry databases
  • ·Integrated CRM
Sales Management

Contract and Document Management

Manage all your contracts and sub-contract agreements, along with supporting documents across the entire project lifecycle – all in one system.

This gives you the control and confidence that project tasks are being completed according to the latest agreed to plans, including any and all change orders. You’ll also benefit from a full audit trail of who approved what, and when to protect against discrepancies and reduce risk of costly errors.

Key Features

  • ·Contract and sub-contract management
  • ·Document transmission tracking with data/time stamping
  • ·Version management
  • ·Mapped to job cards and work packages
  • ·Full audit trail
Contract and Document Management

Project Task Management

Optimally assign, manage, and track all labor, equipment, and materials in real-time for complete resource optimization at every stage and level of your project.

Sage X3 / Enterprise Management Construction bring traditional ERP capabilities like procurement, warehouse management, inventory management, and HR - and puts this real-time data right in the hands of project managers and construction managers for streamlined project tasks and work packages execution.

Key Features

  • ·Job card creation and tracking
  • ·Procurement & RFP management
  • ·Inventory & materials management
  • ·Labor management
  • ·Subcontractor management
  • ·Meeting minutes and reporting
Project Task Management

Project Schedule Management

Empower project managers to make decisions using detailed, work-in-process (WIP) project data that’s captured directly out in the field.

Apply industry best practices using a visually intuitive Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) of your entire project for complete decomposition and drill down capabilities. This presents the opportunity to identify and react to problems very quickly in-order to keep your project on time, and within budget.

Key Features

  • ·Planning and milestone management
  • ·Project costing
  • ·Dynamic work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • ·Change orders and punchlists
  • ·Timesheet capture
  • ·Role-based dashboards and WIP reporting
Project Schedule Management

Construction Financial Management

Manage complex construction projects like individual financial entities, benefiting from detailed project costing and earned value analysis down to the most granular node level of your project.

The world-class financial and accounting capabilities of Sage X3 / Enterprise Management are fully embedded throughout your construction management processes to ensure continuous visibility and unprecedented levels of control over financial assets. This includes native multi-ledger and multi-currency support to manage different sites, business entities, and multiple projects all from one, integrated system.

Key Features

  • ·Project financials and reporting
  • ·Cost code management
  • ·Financial asset management
  • ·Earned value analysis (EVA)
  • ·Billing and payment applications
  • ·Localized industry compliance
Construction Financial Management

Treasury & Cash Flow Management

Optimally manage cash flows across all your projects, reducing liquidity risks and simplify compliance with financial banking covenants.

Sage X3 / Enterprise Management Construction’s treasury management function empowers your CFO’s office with continuous, real-time visibility into cash flow positions for individual projects, and across multiple projects for a complete portfolio view.

In addition to tracking current projects, you can also forecast the impact of a new project on cash flows, including best/worst case scenarios over time to identify and address potential problems before they occur.

Key Features

  • ·Unified, cross-projects cash flow visibility and reporting
  • ·Detailed project cash flow modeling over time
  • ·Best/worse case comparison reports
  • ·Integrated loans and liabilities management
Treasury and Cash Flow Management

Analytics and Reporting

Sage X3 / Enterprise Management Construction is a complete capital project management solution that captures granular financial and project data throughout the construction lifecycle. This up-to-date construction data is then made immediately available through intuitive, actionable KPI’s and dashboard reports that can be fully personalized, and accessed on any mobile device.

From the moment of login, users are greeted with beautiful, role-based dashboard reports that showcase key project milestones, activities, and alerts to any risks items needing attention. As part of your implementation, you can choose from a list of ready-built reports that span a project’s lifecycle, or easily create your own custom reports using our fast, and intuitive report writer. You’re in full control. Always.

Key Features

  • ·Role based dashboards and KPIs
  • ·Unified project management and financial reporting
  • ·Real-time project insight and alerts
  • ·Access on any mobile device
  • ·Fully customizable, self-service reports
Analytics and Reporting

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